Antioxidant Elixir
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About us

Our products are created out of a genuine need...

DELIVERANCE was originally developed as a natural plant based remedy to improve hepatic function. Made with natural herbal root extracts it is an antioxidant elixir for optimum wellbeing which maintains normal liver health, promotes mental clarity and boosts metabolism. A natural elixir whose taste of roots reflects the pure real goodness of the Earth. It is a great way to restore your equilibrium and a healthy state of mind. Fast acting. It is health and healing for the liver.

What is it?

DELIVERANCE is health and healing for the liver.  It is the root of positve health. DELIVERANCE helps maintain normal liver function and is a natural detoxification enhancer that helps the body quickly remove harmful toxins and restore balance.

What is in it?

To be at the forefront of the future of detoxification products, we knew that our ingredients had to derive from Mother Nature herself. That’s why DELIVERANCE turned to the tried and true natural herbs and extracts which have been used in Eastern remedies for the past 5,000 years.

Daily dose

Because DELIVERANCE is made up of herbal ingredients, it is absolutely safe and beneficial to incorporate DELIVERANCE into your daily diet and health regimen. Your liver will thank you and you can look to an increased amount of energy and heightened state of mental clarity every time you drink one. For our friends who are pregnant, nursing or under medical care, please consult with your primary care physician before use.